Now City Glasgow

the funding for the project

Eleanora Jaroszynska / The communal bread oven and the Unconventional Bakery

The communal Bread Oven and the Unconventional Bakery. The communal bread oven will be a central fire to which the community of Garnethill, GSA, Gh. Multicultural centre and keen community baking groups can bring their bread dough to be baked. Through this creative use of communal space the public becomes a user and owner of the space and not a passer-by. Imagine the smell of freshly bakedbread coming across the park. This project consists of three parts. Firstly the proposal for the construction of a communal brick oven. Secondly the trialling pop-up bread baking event and thirdly the construction and regular use of the permanent bread oven.

The money raised during the evening, from the donations collected on the door and from the silent art auction, all goes to one of the projects that is presented that evening. The members of the community that are attending the meal listen to each of the presentations and at the end of the evening vote for the project that they feel best deserves the money. It was very exciting to have the Communal Bread Oven and the Unconventional Bakery win the funding from the evening showing great support for the idea from the community.





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