This website aims to show the journey taken to install a permanent communal bread oven in Garnethill Park. There have been a series of pop-up events held in the park to bring bread baking into the park and to start a conversation with members of the community about a permanent bread oven in the space. The oven brings us together in an open space in the centre of Glasgow to share the act of baking bread. Nothing beats the smell of freshly baked bread coming across Garnethill Park!

photo by Bastian Thuesen

This is a proposal for the construction of a permanent communal bread oven in Garnethill Park and its system of use. The Oven will offer a central fire to which the community can bring their bread dough to be baked. The oven doors will be locked until opened for a specific firing that is led by at least two of the three members of the Garnethill Community who have been trained in the supervision, running and maintanence of the oven. Through the regular action of baking bread the oven will create a space that is shared and cared for. The local community’s sense of ownership and connection with Garnethill Park will be strengethed by the oven’s presense and use.
Through a series of Pop-Up events in the park in February and March of this year, the community of Garnethill have come together dough-in-hand to bake communally in the park. The response to the presence of an oven in the space has been one of warmth, intrigue and joy.

about Eleanora Jaroszynska

Eleanora studies Sculpture and Environmental Art at the Glasgow School of Art

In 2015 she spent 6 months in New Mexico and the South West on the Land Arts of the American West course, where she baked her first loaf of bread in the ground on the embers of a fire. Her relationship with bread baking has grown and now in collacobation with Friends of Garnethill Green Spaces (FROGGS) she leads the Garnethill Bread Oven journey – trying to get a permanent communal bread oven installed into Garnethill Park.