Gavin Philips – Shed Therapy

Gavin has offered great support during this project and it was very interesting to visit his wood work studio down in Dumfriesshire. He donated his beautiful rocket oven to use in the Pop-Up events in Garnethill Park. Without which it would have been considerably more difficult.

He runs brilliant courses on green woodworking and such. I would recommend taking a look at his website at:



Friends of Garnethill Green Spaces (FROGGS)

They are a group who “celebrate, enjoy, and promote the benefits of Garnethill Park and other green spaces”. They have help a huge amount in the organisation of the Pop-Up events in Garnethill Park and the sourcing of materials for the permanent oven. They are a great support for the project and have offered valuable advice along the way.

Take a look at what they have been up to on their Facebook page:

Friends of Garnethill Green Spaces


Glasgow School of Art Bakery

Members of the GSA Bakery have helped out at the Pop-Up events through helping with the organisation plus providing dough to be baked in the oven. Baking some beautiful sourdough loaves.

GSA Bakery

Now City

The micro-grant dinner that Now City organised was a wonderful event that offered local groups the opportunity to showcase their projects and idea, receiving valuable feedback and responses from the community.

It was great opportunity to be involved in the event and a privilege to further win the funding to run a series of Pop-Up events so as to start a conversation with the community about a permanent bread oven in Garnethill Park.

Keep an eye out for their next meal:

their facebook page


Máté Géhberger

Máté is studying Architecture at the Glasgow School of Art and has made the architectural drawings of the oven. He has been a great support in the designing of the oven and will continue through to the construction of the oven.

Matthew Thorpe

Is a talented young carpenter based in Glasgow and has also helped out with the designing of the oven and its roof. He will also build the roof for the oven when it comes round to its construction.

Bastian Thuesen

Bastian kindly acted as photographer for one of the Pop-Up events that we held in Garnethill Park. This is very valuable and beautiful documentation of the support for the project.